Peter Murray Funerals Prepaid Funerals are set up at no charge, are very simple and can make a world of difference to your family if something happens to you.

With a prepaid funeral contract, the price of your funeral is fixed at today's price. There will be no more to pay and you are protected from the rising costs of funerals. While pre-arranging your funeral ensures your wishes can be carried out, pre-payment can relieve the financial burden on your family. You are able to obtain a prepaid funeral plan regardless of your age or condition of health.

You have the option of paying for your funeral upfront in one lump sum or in instalments over a three - five year period. We can tailor the payments to suit YOU. A prepaid funeral is not viewed as part of your personal assets, and it is exempt from the Centrelink Income and Assets Test.

Your funeral investment is held independently of the Funeral Director and invested in a capital guaranteed funeral benefit fund. In the event that you relocate to a new area, your money will be available with an alternate Funeral Director of your choice.

Overall, pre-arrangement and pre-payment is a simple process you can complete to ease the emotional concerns and financial worries on those left to make the arrangements.

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