Making the Funeral Arrangement

Most would have little or no experience in making funeral arrangements when faced with death, and don’t know where to start.  Always remember that there is no rush to make any arrangements, and sometimes waiting for family to be together before you make decisions can give you the extra strength to take the next step.

When you are ready, we can help you make the funeral as simple or elaborate as you want and the cost will be reflected accordingly.  A funeral helps us put our memories in perspective and provides an opportunity for healing to commence.

There is no right or wrong way to say goodbye.

We will be there to guide and advise you in making the decisions which need to be made when planning a funeral.

When you meet with us, we will ask:

  • Would you prefer a religious service  or non-religious service
  • Would you prefer a church, chapel, graveside or another unique venue
  • Is there a burial or cremation preference?
  • Coffin choice?

And do you wish to:

  • Have an all-female service?
  • View the deceased?
  • Have newspaper notices placed?
  • Arrange Flowers for the coffin?
  • Play music for the service?
  • View a Photographic presentation?
  • Have an Order of service printed?
  • Arrange catering?

An important consideration when selecting the venue for the funeral service is the number of mourners to be expected in attendance. Funeral services can be conducted by a member of the clergy or a civil celebrant or even a friend or member of the family. The most common types of funeral services are:

Dual Service

A dual service consists of a service located either in a church or our chapel or another suitable location, which is then followed by the procession to the final resting place at the cemetery or where a committal service is held.

Single Service

A single service consists of a service located either in a church, one of our chapels, graveside, the crematorium chapel or another suitable location. The single service incorporates the main funeral service and committal service and there is no procession to the cemetery or crematorium.

Memorial Service

A memorial service are often very unique services and can be located at a suitable venue of your choice eg: church, chapel, home or any other appropriate location. The stand out difference with this service is that there is no coffin present. It is not uncommon for a memorial service to take place at a later time to allow family to be together.

Speak to our staff about tailoring the funeral you want.

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